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Mars on your Desktop

Microsoft's World Wide Telescope recently added Mars to the list of astronomical vistas. See here for more details.

Added on 2010-08-05 10:18 by Mad Elf

Satellite 3 T-shirts available now!

We are organising the first run of Ts featuring our terrific new logo. To get your T-shirt from this print run we will need an order by 31st August. See here for more details.

Added on 2010-06-10 23:15 by Mad Elf

Something to waste a few moments...

Introducing the "Diversions" area of the site, which will fill up with little Mars-themed games over the next year or so. While away a few moments, and get your name on our high-score tables!

Added on 2010-06-09 21:16 by Mad Elf

Guess the Weight of Mars

Elf’s Mars model weighed 774.4 g. It contained 18 chocolate eggs.

The closest guess, 770 g, was by Fire (member 239). Michael announced the result and awarded the prize on-stage during the Odyssey Closing Ceremony.

The distribution of guesses can be seen here.

Added on 2010-04-14 11:39 by Christine

Odyssey 2010

Satellite 3 officially launched. Our fan table attracted a lot of interest, especially the ‘Guess the Weight of Mars’ competition. People were also impressed with Neil’s fantastic logo (we hope to be ready to sell T-shirts featuring this soon).

Our profile was raised further by members of the Celestial Bureaucracy serving as at-con staff and being on programme. Elf put in numerous shifts in Ops and helped run the ceilidh practice. Michael appeared in the Cabaret as part of the choir and ran an edition of his SF music quiz ‘Deface the Music’. Christine moderated the ‘Ikons, Symbolism and Archetypes’ panel, and both Carolyn and Christine contributed to the Clangers Symposium.

The Team also helped out with the Worldcon bid launch party. It was very trusting of the organisers to put Scots in charge of the bar, we thought!

Special thanks are due to Glasgow fans Al, Dalg, Jamie and Simon who helped out with running the Satellite 3 table, allowing the committee some time off.

Added on 2010-04-14 11:36 by Christine