A Blessing from the Jade Emperor

As the Jade Emperor ruling over the Celestial Bureaucracy (or Chair of the Organising Committee as it roughly translates into English) may I welcome you to the Satellite 3 website!

We have already celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first man-made satellite at Satellite 1 and the 40th of the first man on the moon at Satellite 2. Continuing our theme, we are very excited this time to mark the minus-30th anniversary of the first manned landing on Mars by Chinese Taikonauts on February 25th 2042. (Go on — prove us wrong!)

You can find out all about the convention on this website. Please come back from time to time as we will be updating the information as our plans develop. The convention will follow the successful pattern of our previous two events with an exciting mixture of talks, panels, quizzes, dealers, art show, dead dog party and plenty of silly events.

Our Guest of Honour is the highly acclaimed author, Charlie Stross. Charlie has recently been making a splash with his Merchant Prince series although has now been publishing regularly since 2000 — a remarkably short time for such a prodigious output!

Just as exciting is our return to the Central Hotel (now the Grand Central Hotel). This has been a spiritual home of Glasgow fandom since the early days. The popular venue is now benefiting from a (much needed) £20M overhaul and promises to be a fantastic backdrop to our event.

Please come and visit us at our convention table whenever we appear over the next couple of years, and of course come to Glasgow in February 2012.