Nik Whitehead will lead a discussion on the works of Guest of Honour Charles Stross, who will also be appearing with other authors to discuss The Perils and Pitfalls of Publishing.

Our regular literary panel will critique the great (and not so great) SF novels throughout the years featuring the planet Mars, whilst a separate item will look at depictions of Mars and Martians in film and TV. We will also consider The Future Exploration and Exploitation of Mars, asking what the future holds for mankind and the Red Planet.

Other topics to be discussed include whether science has ruined SF, and whether SF has become mainstream. We also plan panels focussing on Anime and Manga, and on The Role of Apocrypha in SF (featuring Apocrypha of Honour, Fluff the plush Cthulhu). And don't miss our Fantasy Death-match, where an expert panel will discuss the attributes of various superheroes and beings to determine who would prevail in mortal combat. (See the results here!)