About Satellite 3

Satellite 3 is a 2-day science fiction convention featuring a mixture of talks, panel discussions, games, quizzes and much more, covering different aspects of science fiction with a smattering of space science. Like Satellite 2, Satellite 3 will highlight themes: this time it's the turn of the planet Mars and the Chinese Space Programme. We shall also have an Art Show, a Dealers Room, and a Real Ale Bar, plus Saturday night disco and the traditional Dead Laika Party on Sunday evening (for those still standing).

What people said about Satellite 2

"What an ace convention." — Fran Dowd
"Satellite 2 — Well that was a good convention."
"One of the best cons I've been to for quite some time."
— Nik Whitehead
"Ticket to the moon! Flight leaves here, today, from Satellite 2!" — ELO

What people said about Satellite 1

"A fun packed programme with a good mix of both silly and serious items." — Alex
"It's nice when I can say a convention was worth the flight and faffing around with trains. And Satellite 1 certainly was worth it." — Tlanti
"Thanks, folks, for the best convention I have attended in decades... the general buzz there was the best I've experienced since the old Albacons." — Malcolm
"Never heard of it." — Neil Armstrong
"<beep, beep, beep>." — Roger<beep>