A Taste of Satellite 2

From the predecessor to our convention we bring you the results of one of its most popular items:

The Satellite 2 Fantasy Convention Panel

Panellists: Dyllanne (Mod), Simon McGrory, Fran Dowd, Rita Medany, Ken O'Neill

The aim of the panel was to come up with the best science fiction/fantasy convention that money can't buy. There were no holds barred and guests could be living, dead, undead or fictional. Here is what we came up with:

Writer GoH
HG Wells
Mary Shelley
Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins
Harlan Ellison
Character GoH
Spike and Buffy
The Doctor
Artist GoH
Da Vinci
Salvadore Dali
Actor/Actress GoH
Orson Welles
Jacqueline Pierce
Christopher Lee
Fan GoH
A random fan chosen by lottery. They have the right to decline and they must understand that they are to give a GoH Speech.