The Celestial Bureaucracy

The Convention is being organised by the same people who brought you Satellite 2, with some minor modifications.

Committee pic from Satellite 2
The Celestial Bureaucracy and Members of their Court

Michael Davidson — Chair (Jade Emperor)

Michael pic

I have been going to conventions since Christine took me to an Albacon in the early 1980s. Since then I have caught the bug. I dipped my toe in the waters of con-running with Satellite 1, managed to get up to my neck chairing Satellite 2 and am now going for full immersion with Satellite 3. Previous to that my main contribution to cons has been running a series of 'Deface the Music' quizzes at Redemptions, Eastercons and even a Worldcon.

In the real world I run a Radiochemistry Team at the Health Protection Agency and when not working or SMOFing like to sail, sing and play the sax.

David Gibson — Vice-chair and Logistics

David pic

David, for reasons that can only be described as insanity after the blood, sweat and tears of Satellite 2, decided that "once more into the breach" would a good idea. Specifically, even though moving to Manchester, someone asked "do you fancy being Vice-Chair of Satellite 3?" he said yes! Bringing the experience gained dealing with Publicity at Satellite 2, he hopes again to help run an excellent and enjoyable convention for all.

His initial interest in science-fiction evolved from spending too much time in front of the television, with the likes of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Babylon 5, The X-Files... However, having discovered that it also came in book form, developed a wider ranging interest from Asimov and Banks - all the way through the alphabet to - Prachett and Wyndham. In his real-life, having escaped from research at the University of Strathclyde, he now tries to apply the knowledge of environmental and analytical chemistry to the real world.

Christine Davidson — Programme and Guest Liaison

Christine pic

Christine started attending cons in the early 1980's but only became involved in organising them when DC recruited her for the Satellite 1 committee. Having run programme for both Satellite 1 and 2, she is hoping that 'third time pays for all' and that, after Satellite 3, she'll be able to go and have a nice lie down.

Her real-life job is as an academic, specialising in environmental and analytical chemistry. Her SF interests range from Banks, MacLeod and Baxter, through Pratchett, to Buffy and Blake's 7. She holds a black-belt in karate, plays all types of percussion (is there perhaps a 'likes hitting things' theme emerging here?) and also enjoys sailing, especially on the West Coast of Scotland.

Carolyn Sleith — Treasurer & Membership

Carolyn pic

Carolyn's conrunning career started with Satellite 1 when she was involved with hotel selection. For Satellite 2 she was treasurer and for Satellite 3 she is treasurer and membership secretary. So now she doesn't just count beans she counts chickens as well. Carolyn is a big hard sci-fi fan and even wrote her library studies dissertation on Science Fiction in Libraries. She concluded that libraries do have science fiction, but the staff aren't aware of it.

Mad Elf — Publicity & Website


Mad Elf has been congoing since 1988. In that time he has discovered the delights of being a Gopher, Green Room Bod, Tech, and Steward, and has finally settled on Operations as the place to be. He has also been on several con committees, from the tiny Isocon 4 to Albacons and up, and only one of the resulting conventions has been classified as Better Off Not Mentioned.

Beagle 2 — Convention Mascot

Beagle 2

On the 25th December 2003, there was huge disappointment when communication was lost with Beagle 2 — the UK-led Mars lander — on her way to the planet’s surface. It was assumed that she was gone for good. However, we are pleased to announce that Satellite 3 has found Beagle 2, alive and well, and that she has agreed to be our convention mascot. Please come and speak to her, pat her on the head, but please refrain from showing her Martian flat cats since she will chase them around until her solar panels run out!