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At Last some Members!

At the close of the third committee meeting, the convention receives money for its first five members.

Now it's really official...

Added on 2010-02-09 20:00 by Mad Elf

Hotel Ahoy!

After deliberating hotels for a couple of months, the Grand Central — never even considered until very shortly before — emerges as a viable option. The committee leap upon it like starving fen at a mushroom cook-off.

Added on 2010-02-09 19:00 by Mad Elf

Unfortunate Tidings

Simon King, who has already done much sterling work for the convention, decides he has to resign his committee post due to ill-health. We all
hope that he will feel better soon so he can come to the con and enjoy it.

Added on 2010-02-09 18:00 by Mad Elf

Site In Progress

After much discussion of fonts and colours, the first cut of the website is ready for viewing.

Typically enough, the font turns out to look horrible, and a second round of discussions ensue...

Added on 2010-01-31 00:00 by Mad Elf

You can Bank on it!

Dyllanne gets the Satellite 2 bank account transformed into the Satellite 3 bank account. We are triply official now!

Added on 2010-01-15 00:00 by Mad Elf