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Hotel Reviewed

The Glasgow Ambassador Programme Newsletter has just published a short review of our convention hotel. They were certainly impressed by it! Newsletter

Added on 2010-11-03 19:03 by Mad Elf

Satellite 3 Hotel Booking Now Open!

Room reservations are now open for Satellite 3 at the Grand Central Hotel. We have negotiated an excellent rate but hurry as spaces are limited. Please see 'The Hotel' page on the website for prices and details on how to book.

Added on 2010-10-14 11:07 by Mad Elf

Chinese shoot for the Moon

Today, the Chinese space programme took its next great leap forward with the launch of their second lunar orbiter. It's one of a chain of intended launches, which include sending a lunar rover on the next mission, and ultimately following in the steps of the Americans with a manned landing.

A late entrant into the space race, China sent its first manned mission up in 2003. With their next target being the Moon, can we expect their sights to be set on Mars in future?

Unfortunately the Chinese National Space Administration's English-language website is lagging about a year behind the main one, but Chinese-speakers can catch up with the news here.

BBC report

Added on 2010-10-05 12:43 by Mad Elf

Satellite 3 GoH Wins Hugo!

This just in:

Our esteemed Guest of Honour Charles Stross has been awarded the Hugo! Aussiecon fans voted his work Palimpsest to win the Best Novella category.

We're all impressed by his achievement and wish him many more in the future.

Added on 2010-09-06 20:21 by Mad Elf

Satellite stalwart becomes TV star

Robert Law, who spoke at Satellites 1, 2 and (hopefully) 3 was on STV news recently talking about Dundee's being the first digital-only city. TV signals began switching over from analogue to digital on the 4th of August; the analogue channels will be turned off forever on the 18th. The story starts 15 minutes 27 seconds into the clip; Robert himself appears at 16:30. Congratulations to Robert, who apparently found it to be "quite a shock" seeing himself on TV.

The video clip will only be on the site for a short time, so make sure to catch Robert now!

Added on 2010-08-05 10:39 by Mad Elf